ARABELT - Your Textile, Fabric, and Yarn Procurement Partner

At ARABELT, we are your trusted partner for sourcing top-quality textile, fabric, and yarn products. Our mission is to simplify and optimize your procurement process, providing you with the materials you need to create exceptional textiles and garments.


  • Description:

    Fabrics are the fundamental building blocks of textile products, available in various materials, weaves, and finishes.

  • Types:

    Cotton, polyester, silk, wool, linen, and blends.

  • Features:

    Different weights, textures, and colors to suit diverse needs.

  • Applications:

    Apparel, home textiles, upholstery, and industrial use.


  • Description:

    Yarns are spun fibers used for knitting, weaving, and other textile processes.

  • Types:

    Cotton yarn, polyester yarn, acrylic yarn, and specialty yarns like chenille and bouclé.

  • Applications:

    Garment manufacturing, knitting, crochet, and industrial weaving.

  • Varieties:

    Various thicknesses, ply, and twists.

Technical Textiles

  • Description:

    Technical textiles are engineered fabrics designed for specialized industrial and technical applications.

  • Applications:

    Geotextiles, medical textiles, automotive textiles, and protective clothing.

  • Properties:

    Flame resistance, water repellency, strength, and specific performance characteristics.

Specialty Fabrics

  • Description:

    Specialty fabrics cater to unique needs, offering distinctive properties and designs.

  • Products:

    Performance fabrics, eco-friendly fabrics, and innovative textiles.

  • Features:

     Advanced technologies, sustainability attributes, and creative designs.

Upholstery and Drapery

  • Description:

    Upholstery and drapery fabrics are designed for furniture and window treatments.

  • Materials:

    Chenille, velvet, faux leather, and jacquard fabrics.

  • Durability:

    Abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and colour-fastness.

Textile Dyes and Chemicals

  • Description:

    Textile dyes and chemicals are essential for coloring and finishing textiles.

  • Products:

    Fabric dyes, finishing agents, bleaching agents, and textile auxiliaries.

  • Performance:

    Vivid colors, eco-friendly options, and fastness properties.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Textiles

  • Description:

    Sustainable textiles focus on eco-friendly materials and production processes.

  • Materials:

    Organic cotton, recycled polyester, bamboo fibers, and Tencel.

  • Certifications:

    GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and Fair Trade.

Yarn Spinning and Weaving Machinery

  • Description:

    Machinery and equipment for yarn spinning and fabric weaving are crucial for textile manufacturing.

  • Equipment:

     Spinning machines, looms, and knitting machines.

  • Efficiency:

    Automation, energy efficiency, and production capacity.

Consultation and Project Management

  • Description:

    ur procurement services include consultation and project management to guide clients through the entire process of sourcing and managing textiles, fabrics, and yarns.

  • Services:

    Vendor selection, quality control, sustainability assessments, and cost optimization.